What is Hero’s Journey Marketing and why you need it

What is an Epic Story? and how can I write one for my business?

Have you ever looked in your bank account and seen more zeros than ones then felt a sudden calling to get to work creating the website for your personal brand or dream business?

Have you ever sat down to write a Facebook post to promote your products or services and drawn a complete blank on where to start and what to say to the tune of 90 minutes later and you’re still scrolling through your FB feed, looking for inspiration you tell yourself.

Have you ever realised that you and your team have been going around in circles doing the same boring outreach campaigns that end with “Buy Now” and totally lacks substance and meaning for the 98% of people who are not actively shopping for your stuff right now?

When I meet someone for the first time, I secretly always want to hear their origin story, I want to know how they got to where they are in life and I want to know of the struggles they’ve been through and the lessons they’ve learnt.

I want to connect with the part which makes you human, your flaws, your weaknesses and I want to connect with the commonality in which we both share, that we are warm-blooded, soft skinned, delicate beings who all use the amazing thinking power of our brains, the most powerful tool in the universe, to create our world around us.

Essentially what it comes down to is trust and by hearing or reading your unique and authentic Story, a bridge of empathy is created into my subconscious and if I can see the journey you’ve been on in my minds eye? Who you are and what you do becomes so much more important to me.

The more relatable your stories are, the more captivating and entertaining you become in my conscious mind and the more invested I become in keeping you in my life.

Remember, to become important in someone else’s world first, you have to tell a story being wildly authentic, vulnerable and holding nothing back (bc we can feel it when you do and that breaks trust).

I found that the more truthful and vulnerable I was, the more empowering it was for me.

Alanis Morissette

What Makes an Epic Story?

More often than not your story will be fraught with hard-won life lessons and painful transitions you’ve had to navigate to get you to where you are.

  • How to embody confidence in sharing your personal story online?
  • How to speak from the heart and cut through the marketing noise & fake BS?
  • How do you share your message to inspire action and empowerment in your community?

By comparing and contrasting who you were and the problems you had BEFORE, you went on a journey to discover your own solutions and gifts turn them into offerings and products to share with the community.

Don’t have an offering or product to show for your life, then the journey is not finished yet, OR, (and this is often our blindspot) your gifts, inventions and offerings are clouded within your life story.

Often times, the epic chapters that your life is written in, is the exact origin story which no one knows about you, but everyone wants to know before they’re able to shed the armor which protects them from the 5-10 thousand marketing messages we’re exposed to daily and work with you.

  • BEFORE becomes your Origin Story
  • BEFORE + AFTER becomes your Core Story
  • NOW all you need is your Visioneering Story, to make your dream a reality.

This is where I come in, as your guide and mentor to help you on the journey, to hold you accountable to uncovering the gems of your past life expereinces, fleshing out your presents and offerings and creating a new and exciting vision to turn into reality.

Forget traditional goal setting and laws of attraction, put yourself in a powerful story and tell your quantum true self consistently WHAT? you see, HOW it feels and WHY you’re so grateful to live life this way.

This is your Visioneering Story, It’s the process of making your vision or dream a reality.

What is Hero’s Journey Marketing?

Simply put, HJM is the most effective mode of marketing on the planet. Hero’s Journey Marketing takes the viewer on a journey of discovery. It’s entertaining, it’s educational and it engages the viewer emotionally through tears and resonance with your Story. ‘Origin Story’, ‘Core Story’ & ‘Vision Story’.

Hero’s Journey marketing has the transformative power of evoking emotions through the native framework of storytelling. Combining technology of tomorrow with social multi media applications to inspire ‘change’ in the viewer, igniting action, passion, courage, strength and the heroic qualities and capabilities of empowered peoples.

When you can quiet a distressed child with a story, or when you can escape your dad telling you the same stories you’ve heard a hundred times Through the use By telling your ‘origin story’, ‘core story’ or ‘vision story’, your online and offline communication channels will become powerful tools of attraction marketing.

Who is best suited to utilize Hero’s Journey Marketing in their branding and outreach strategy?

Conscious Corporate and Personal Brands are part of a new movement of businesses focused on giving back and making the world a better place by achieving your purpose and increasing your profits.

If you’re an existing business scratching your head as to, what your ideal message is to hyper vigilent Y Gen’ers and how to penetrate through the noise online and capture the attention of tech-savvy Millenials, you need a core story that communicates with your audience on multiple levels.

If you’re a team of one just starting out on your journey to change the world, the first tool you’ll need to cultivate is your ‘origin story’.

By comparing and contrasting between who you were and why you started your mission, with who you are today and becoming tomorrow, you’ll give an attention-starved audience the empathetic bridge to reach you, to know and love you and see you as an authority in your space.

If, Knowledge is Power, then, Storytelling is the Actualisation of Your Potential.

Tino Beth

Hi, I’m Tino Beth, I’m an autodidact polymath, serial entrepreneur of several startups and founder of Map & Manifest YOUR Quantum Lyfe.

I’ve grown up in Byron Bay’s eco valley & beach culture and I’m super passionate about going on authentic soul discovering hero’s journey’s and using real-life experiences to tell effective stories in marketing for businesses and branding.

A good hero’s journey ignite’s action and changes the world one person at a time.

Helping you to structure and tell your story for profit, impact and purpose.

Healing loneliness and the social isolation epidemic is a byproduct of my work.

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