How A Self Styled Heros Journey Can Change Your Life

It doesn’t matter whether you’re an:

  • Entrepreneur or business owner launching a new product,
  • Starting a family or just becoming an adult,
  • Changing your career or profession,
  • Increasing your health and well-being or,
  • Looking to get on your true life path or in midlife “crisis” mode?

Or even where you are on the Adventure, Journey or Quest,… remarkably the next stage can always found when going for it on your Self Styled Heros Journey.

It’s when we know the big picture and understand the general Road Map that lays ahead and governs all adventures, that we start to open our ability to see into the future on the dark and dangerous journey.

Think about it, the one thing we can all understand and appreciate is when a good story moves us to follow the main characters adventure of leaving the nest and stepping into a strange new world full of trials and challenges, perfectly set up for him to discover the gifts and treasures of his or her inner calling.

“The journey of the hero … I consider the pivotal myth that unites the spiritual adventure of ancient heroes with the modern search for meaning. As always, the hero must venture forth from the world of common-sense consciousness into a realm of supernatural wonder. There he encounters fabulous forces–demons and angels, dragons and helping spirits. After a fierce battle he wins a decisive victory over the powers of darkness. Then he returns from his mysterious adventure with the gift of knowledge or of fire, which he bestows on his fellow man.”

“Whenever the social structure of the unconscious is dissolved, the individual has to take a heroic journey within to find new forms. The biblical tradition, which provided the structuring myth for Western culture, is largely ineffective … So there must be a new quest.” Joseph Campbell, interviewed by Sam Keen, in “Man & Myth: A Conversation with Joseph Campbell,” Psychology Today, July 1971


It’s the archetypal journey sequence known as a self styled heros journey that everyone including you and I can take, even the Hollywood and religious “heroes” in society take this journey to raise up their human powers; getting out of their comfort zone, slaying the dragon, finding the treasure only to return and save the world in the process. Just like the character Luke Skywalker from the movie ‘Starwars’ and Frotto and Bilbo Baggins from ‘The Hobit’ and ‘The Lord of The Rings’, all show us a prime example of the journey of the hero.

Now with the Road Map and HJ Tool-Belt we are able to utilize this ancient knowledge of personal change and coming to know oneself to self-style our destiny and become masters of our own life Force.

So it doesn’t matter if its a book you want to write, new skill or trade you want to master or your call is to building a new relationship with yourself or someone else and raise a tribe of your own. You’ll pretty much Guaranteed to find yourself on the path of the Hero, diving into the darkness of the unknown on the search and questing to find the holy grail of your own vision.

know-thyself2It’s also a neat way to “Know Thyself” as the sacred oracle of Delphi has inscribed on the forecourt of the Temple of Apollo.

A long time ago (late 2012) in a valley hidden in dense rainforest, My world ended, hey the prophesy came true… well sort of, the world as I knew it ended. And like so many beginnings of journey’s. Mine started by being laid off. I lost my job of cleaning 3.5 night clubs every weekend for the past only god knows how many years. With no warning I had little way’s of sustaining my expensive lifestyle. At first I was so upset, frustrated and angry! I wanted to torch the place, the night club that is. Luckily cooler head prevailed. And then I started to see through the fog of panic and limitation and about a week later I realised that I was finally free of my bondage to the JOB, ‘Now I could hypothetically do what ever I wanted to do.”

You might relate to this in your own way, but by that time I was so burnt out from cleaning the same toilets, mopping the same floors and cutting chewing gum out of the same carpet week in week out. That I couldn’t even think of going out and finding another bunch of toilets to clean. Don’t get me wrong, the pay was quite good. But I had just spent the last few weeks researching sail boats and dreaming of living on the water sailing along the Great Barrier Reef. And so with the freedom from my work I listened to my higher self, the deeper calling within and went about planning my escape from the world I knew.

What I heard was the mythical music of my life calling me to participate, discover and pursue my life’s purpose that came from within. In essence what I had to do was the opposite of securely finding security. I had to risk life and all at something I knew nothing about the pursuit of adventure into the unknown world of sailing and being a liveaboard yachtsman.

It was my passion for the sea that drew me into the oceanic wonder of arriving by sea, exploring tropical Islands, the great barrier reef and spear fishing my supper. That was the dream, also don’t read the book Best Life Money Cant Buy if you want to continue paying the mortgage and collecting shinny trinkety adult toys. It gives you a bit of perspective into what makes a life worth living.

So my search for an ocean going vessel kicked into a new gear, I had to find a boat in Australia, within my price range and it must be a seaworthy and capable boat to go around the world in If I so chose. Part of this found me selling my semi cool shinny stuff that I had collected and was pretty useless when you discover that you’ve climbed to the top of the ladder, only then to find that it’s against the wrong wall. So I downsized and joined the ranks of the minimalist brigade, with 2 bags I could carry on my back. I booked a one way ticket to Adelaide with nothing but a laptop, stars in my eyes, music in my ears and a hunger for what lay ahead in the darkness.

On Australia (invasion) day January 26, 2013, I arrived to my self styled heros journey. I met the love of my life. GrapeShot was her name and the first day we met we started living together. Unlike previous relationships I’ve been in, this time she was the one that needed all the work done to her.  And all I had to do was learn how to do everything she wanted doing.

The agreement was that ‘If I looked after her, She would look after me”. So in not so human terms we started off an interesting, fruitful and long lasting relationship.

So from my experience if you feel like you have lost your passion and meaning in life, it’s probably because you have stepped off your own path and gone down someone’s path or you left the call unanswered and life has become dull and colourless.

Refusal of the call, converts the adventure into it’s negative; boredom, hard work and culture.

So take a moment to update your OS to get maximum out of this experience we call life.

Through intuitive systems, working with natural laws and a truth discovery method, I self styled my life purpose and hacked the circle of life.

Now I’m on a new Self Styled Heros Journey to encourage and nurture all peoples to embrace change through recognizing and growing with the natural cycles of our own unique journey.

By having the road map and understanding it roughly, we can breakthrough any limiting beliefs and life situations to become the heroes we want to see in the world. You want to know what the secret is?… it’s laying dormant within your ability to be Resourceful.

To truly enjoy the wonder of living through the changes in the seasons of life and to share and be our true selves with others along the way.

We all think we have so many problems. Yet all these problems stem from just 1 area of life: To Know Thyself.
So in spite of how well you already know yourself, we always have one person to be true to, Ourselves; You are the one that you need to live with the longest, when we are true to ourselves we can be true and authentic with others. One journey at a time.

A powerful hero plants seeds of hope and joy every day in every way to keep the thoughts, feelings and actions in shape …

but a hero with powers honors the past battles won and lost to keep the karma of the present clear to keep moving forward in the light direction with their soul in shape…

A powerful hero isn’t afraid of anything …
but a hero with powers has courage in the midst of fear on the road of trials…
A powerful hero won’t let anyone get them off their path …
but a hero with powers gives the best life forces to everyone …

A powerful hero makes mistakes, learns and avoids the same in the future …
a hero with powers realizes life’s mistakes are all part of the journey to self discovery …
A powerful hero walks with the reassurance of being on the right path …
but a hero with powers knows when in the grace of life’s true journey natural laws will catch the hero when he or she falls …

A powerful hero wears the look of confidence when the road ahead is mapped out …
but a hero with powers gracefully goes off the path to find hidden treasure … A powerful hero always has the knowledge for the journey ahead …
but a hero with powers knows that life is a journey to remember, rediscover the knowledge of self …

Tino ‘thyself’ Beth will present and lead an exploration through the Self Styled Heros Journey is the wisest way of life, how to self style adventures, discover your true self and become the powerful hero of your own journey …

Ever felt like you’ve been funneled through school, uni and into work, all before you got a chance to listen to a new call to adventure? or,

Have you ever embarked upon an adventure?, take off on your journey and transformed as a result?

Let’s Meet up and explore the 12 steps on all new adventures into the unknown, it’s a path of self discovery.

meetup_logo_1RSVP today for the Gold Coast Self Style A Heros Journey Meetup.

 Surely you’ve adventured in some way, shape of form before?
Do you have a story to share that will help and inspire others on their journey?


Here we take a strategic look into the heros journey as a way of life and reconciling completed and uncompleted journey’s. How to self style an adventure to meet your needs on your road to self knowledge.
“No One Has a Monopoly On The Adventure To Enlightenment, Self Style Yours And Love Life Forever.”

My goal in life is to be true to my path and to help and mentor as many people along their way to discovering and walking their own life path.

Life is Always clearest when it comes from considered real life experiences.

In The Big Picture Your Heros Journey Begun Long Ago With Your Arrival On The Spiritual/Physical Journey On Earth.

“The greatest risk we will ever take, is not risking anything at all and hoping things will change for the better.”

This is a Free infotainment meet up group in a beautiful tranquil setting, with an optional gold coin or plastic note donation at the door if you feel that it was of value to you. 

Parts of the adventure to be anticipated, recognized and shared:

• Your Call to Adventure (how to find your true path),

• The Threshold Guardian (why every journey is not for you),

• The Road of Trials (super hero toolbelt to ensure survival in the woods),

• How to Avoid Traps and Pitfalls Along Your Way,

• Finding the Hidden Light in the Darkness of the Abyss,

• Honoring Your Transformation,

• Clearing the Karmic Influences of the Past and,

• The Struggles of Returning Home Renewed with the Gifts of The Goddess.

The Best New Things In Life Are Free,..
So Bring Your Thinking Caps To Share and Connect With Timeless Knowledge, Understanding and Wisdom. 


Tino ‘THYSELF‘ Beth