The Perfect Release

One of my greatest observations so far, has been that Life turns into Death and Death Turns into Life, and Life turns into Death and Death turns into Life…

It’s the pump of the universe,

As above, so below,

As within, also without,

The inputs equals the outputs,

So as far as the journey I’ve had thus far, I’ve discovered that this journey of life is about consciously caring for my own life physically, mentally and spiritually.

Where the quality and condition of the physical body greatly impacts the quality of my native mental state and function. Thus I’m caring for my spiritual aspect by consciously caring for the building blocks of my experience.

So by consciously caring for the ongoing (plant and animal) deaths, that go into sustaining my healthy life.

I recognize this as being the most sacred relationship I have with the universal of life and death.

Life awaits all the dead and Death awaits all the living.

To neglect one, is to receive it unwittingly. But by working within the circle of life we can achieve new physical heights, new mental clarity and new spiritual revelations.

I love everything I eat, because it becomes a part of me physically as well as spiritually. If I don’t love it, I don’t want anything to do with it.

So I choose to focus on things I have or would consume for myself, physically, mentally and spiritually.

Why? because every moment of every day of our lives, we plant the seeds for tomorrow.

So I choose to plant the seeds of my own development in all that I do, in all my life.
So that when time comes to meet my maker, I’ve proven to be conscious and caring enough to meet with myself and decide, what next?.

My death will be crystal clear, easy, effortless and orgasmic.

The Perfect Release.

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