Part One – The Ordinary World

The Heros Journey Part One – THE ORDINARY WORLD.

I’ll talk about the 3 possible levels of each part of the heros journey.

Overall – The individual is uneasy, uncomfortable and/or unaware. is introduced through curiosity to an idea or concept that he or she can identify with for leaving the safety of the Home situation. Some kind of polarity in the individual’s life is pulling in different directions and causing stress.

There is something growing inside you, some excitement of amazing future experiences but no visual pictures of what that may be. Also some fear of the change that will also come as a result.

Mostly this is occurring as the result of a cause that you have acted on in your past.

Level 1. Monthly – a particularly powerful dream you’ve had recently or a recent heightened emotional state, could be the greatest contributing factor to the experience of the overall experience.

Level 2. Yearly – Could be a diary entry or goal you’ve made in the past, or simply something obvious like a vision board that you put together, based on what you thought back then you wanted your future to look like.

Level 3. Lifetime – Some deeper psychological factors may be awakening within you, based on some unfinished or forgotten aspects of your childhood or unresolved or unfulfilled aspects of the mother/father relationship.

All could be present, but it will be the most powerful calling level that will compel you to answer the call to action.

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