Do You Know What Make’s Your Life ‘Different’ Than Anyone Else’s?

“Sure” you say, “I’ve got a big following on facebook” and “my feed is unique, tailored to my preferences and wants”.

If we go a little deeper, and i agree that we should; you might say that your life is different to mine based upon the experiences you’ve had and places you’ve visited. Making you uniquely you.

Isn’t that really something we all have in common?

If not, then it’s time to learn about how the events of the hero’s journey has the effect of deepening and enriching our individual lives:

Providing the wonderful opportunity and freedom to self-style not only the look and type of content you post on facebook, but also events and experiences of your life.

The classical hero’s journey is the glue that ties us all together, in the common experience of learning and growing with life.

Do You want to Know How? to use this model to take the position of Director, over the script of your whole life’s heros journey adventure, and make it the Richest Most Rewarding, Indescribable Experience Known to the Individual?

Call it Life on Earth.

With your permission, I will bestow the boons of a 10 years heros journey upon you.

A Free Bounty Awaits You…