The Journey of Life till Death

The Mega Heros Journey of Life to Death and to return home to the light between lives, is the ultimate revolution of the heros journey model.

Some say that is what the essence of what our dreams are made of, the precognition of some aspects of what is lacking in the life we lead.

Welcome to this series of exploring life and the dominating natural forces that govern the life and death dynamic.

Here in i will use dreams I’ve had to compare and contrast the life and death dynamic with real life experiences and realizations I’ve had and dare to speak about and share in public.

This series will be broken into Categories to help organize and structure this living and evolving subject.

(My goal is to over time fill in these topics with as much clarity as i feel is necessary to convey a deeper understanding of these fundamental concepts.)

  • Dreams
  • Meaning of Life
  • Meaning of Death
  • Working with The Death and Life Cycles
  • How Understanding These Cycles Can Take You Further, Deeper, Stronger, Faster?
  • The Afterlife and what it means for the individual. – The journey of fulfilling a life and returning to the stillness within death, only then to be given the choice to repeat the cycle if we find ourselves and our actions to be unsatisfactory to the witnessing presents that is given one last opportunity to revisit the circumstances of the form that we have grown to appreciate and associate with.
  • How to Experience The Perfect Release of Death.