Farmers are Heroes

hero farmers are organicFarmers are now in one of two categories:

Farmers Are Heroes – The Heroic traditional Organic/Bio-dynamic Farmer


Farmers Are Anti-Heros (aka villains) – The ‘sell-out’ ignorant anti-hero farmer.

Which one grows the food you eat? Is a question I employ you to ask of yourself.

What do you eat?

Where does it come from?

Where is it going?

There are no more rational excuses available to ignore the facts and consequences of ingesting chemicals.

Simply put, Food is input, processing and output for your body at a cellular level, that facilitates to maintain it’s own survival through the journey of life. But, if you eat chemical contaminated food, your body becomes chemically contaminated and your body has no ability to process the build up and so functions less optimally, probably with multiple diseases.

Don’t seek out your medical professional to confirm this, Seek out your local organic farmer.

So we go back to this culturally missing question – holding said “food item”…

“Where has this food come from?”

If there is a “BLANK-OUT” to the above question, then I would not immediately consume the alleged food item.

Because there are hundreds, even thousands of chemicals found in commercially cultivated and processed food. And the reality is that this is having a devastating effect on our ability to reproduce, live healthy lives and grow in the light direction.

In the infamous statement “for our child, and for our children’s, children.” can you fathom whats really at stake here? Cnd its really just the tip of the chemical ice berg that we face in these modern times. What if, in two generations time, our children wont have anymore children? Could it be? Unacceptable levels?

Last night I attended a presentation by Therese Kerr that made the dangers and the threat to our survival blatantly obvious, here a convenient link to help you catch up on your fact finding expedition. The Human Experiment

So how do we dig our way out of this chemical cocktail? One sweet potato at a time, one organic farm at a time.

I have recognized the threat to my survival and the survival of my future offspring so now I only eat organic unprocessed food, the way it was intended to be consumed, I buy direct from farmers themselves and now I enjoy getting to know the people and energy that goes into me.

Its fun looking for farmers market seasonal bounty’s, even though I like the repetitiveness of eating the same things week in week out and I feel good about not supporting multinational corporate interests that are convoluted in chemicalization of my body, on the grand scale, its also way cheaper short and long term.

I’m proud to join the A Life of Food Project and look forward to meeting more of my hero farmers and getting to know their soils, because they make the time consuming natural inputs that make it possible for plants, animals and thus humans to grow in the light direction naturally with all our heroic qualities that make us human intact.

Watch our youtube interviews to get to know our local organic farmers and discover the knowledge, understanding and wisdom that makes the difference to you and your families survival in this house hold chemical warfare.



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