Tino Beth’s Core Story

Rookie Sailors – Documentary from Danny Harris on Vimeo.

Hey, it’s Tino Beth coming from the good ship GrapeShot, I hope you enjoyed that little doco on my Rookie Sailors – Hero’s Journey.

After a 15 year journey of researching and searching for the “truth”, I had to test what I had found out on the real world, I had to go on another hero’s journey, where I put it all on the line and risked it all everything by moving onto a 40yr old, 28ft yacht, 2778km away with ZERO sailing experience.

Today I mentor and help guide individuals from all walks of life discover and recognize the Road Map of their journey and to pass on the tools that I’ve discovered along the way, to empower people with the capabilities to overcome all obstacles on their life path.

So you can #FollowYourBliss and once again Be The Hero of Your Own Life.


Tino is an independent autodidact polymath, 21th century visionary and founder of MyHerosJourney Marketing. Formally Tino received 12 years of Schooling at the Cape Byron Rudolf Steiner School and still vowes to home school his children. Tino then self-styled a Major Reset (My Reset Story) and begun an epic quest to answer timeless questions for himself, “What is the Meaning of Life?” & “How can I attain the highest forms of knowledge, understanding and wisdom available to mankind?

Tino dedicated his life to the great journey ‘to-Know-thy-Self’, in a bid to know, understand and work directly with the Quantum Field. He is on a mission to help empower entrepreneurs to tell Hero’s Stories in their marketing and confidently take the next steps to greater freedom and abundance in all areas of life.

Tino is a practical philosopher who loves to solve problems of energy conservation, optimization and advancing the human condition in the light direction.

Recently Tino embarked upon the journey to solve the great mystery of discovering the #OriginOfLife as part of the global HeroX.com Challenge. You can support him and follow his work in this area on Patreon.

Tino is the Founder of multiple websites and various enterprises and he has a balanced and ambitious outlook for the future.

You can follow him on social media here.


  • 2013 – SEACHANGE – Self-taught solo sailing a 28ft Compass 1500nm to the Whitsunday Islands, an epic sailing story, exiting the rat race downsizing, minimizing and risking it all in the archetypal heros journey to sea (see the mini-documentary here).
  • 2003 – 2013 – THE RETURN – Major motor vehicle incident in 2003, inspired Near-Death Out-Of-Body experience, forcing him to answer his spiritual Call-to-Adventure, to Live and Shine the Kind of Life which Reflects the Highest Forms of Knowledge, Understanding and Wisdom, Known to Mankind in our living memory of time.
  • 2013 to Present – THE GIFT – Circle Of Lyfe – Mapping the Quantum Feedback Feild embedded into every living memory of all time, in the particle, the wave and in the emergent effects throughout all time. (Life spelt with a Y to represent the Questioning process and the Y-Generation which I can relate to the most in Life.)
  • 2018 to Present – THE MENTORSHIP – Heros Journey Marketing – The Art of Telling Stories, Writing Stories and Creating Stories For Edu-tainment for Personal Brands & Conscious Corporate Return. (Start Here)
  • Self Taught – Autodidactpolymath, Knowing much about many fields.
  • 2003 – Motor Vehicle Incident. *Major Reset
  • 2003 – Graduated Year High School Certificate at the Cape Byron Rudolf Steiner School.
  • Tino, the Naturalist and bio-dynamic food advocate, he’s the is an inventor, educator and pioneer of the Circle of Life(TM) framework.

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