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The Heros Journey Part Two – THE CALL TO ADVENTURE.

Here I’ll discuss about the 3 possible levels of each part of the heros journey.

Overall – Something shakes up the situation, either from external pressures or from something rising up from deep within, so the individual must face the beginnings of change.

Level 1. Monthly – Short term physical external pressures, like small changes in some work or relationship dynamic, result in a continued intensification of the result of a dream or heightened mental emotional state. e.g. Results a search for a new career in same industry.

Level 2. Yearly – Medium term external pressures, like a work or relationship situation ending, and the effect of a combination of short to medium term pressures and an internal dissatisfaction. e.g. Results in the search for a new industry.

Level 3. Lifetime – The combination of All of the above, plus the added influence of having some greater feeling of fulfillment within ones life. e.g. Results in the search for discovering your true calling and knowing that the bounty at the end will fill all areas of life.

All could be present, the most powerful level of call to action will determine the type and magnitude of Adventure you will embark upon.

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