How Heros Journey’s Cure The Social Isolation Epidemic

The biggest problem we face today individually is that technology is re-disrupting how we connect with the mythology of life and redefining how we socialize with fellow humans.

The result, we have a Social Isolation Epidemic on our hands which leaves 1 in 4 of us lonely and with AI and a flood of technological advancements looming on the horizon, this is only the beginning.

The bad news is that as an entrepreneur, you are battling it out on the frontlines of LONELINESS.

But because the entrepreneur’s journey is the Heros Journey, therein lays the solution to this Loneliness epidemic, coupled with a great opportunity to attract and inspire your like-minded, heart felt community.

How is it possible to solve the loneliness epidemic while living on purpose, having an impact and generating revenue all at once I hear you ask?

It’s broken into 3 parts and all starts by going on a journey, sounds cliche I know, but “Where?” I hear you ask. “Where am I going?”

That is not as important as your “Why”.
Why, are you going?

To break the loneliness cycle you must be alone on your adventure for enough time to be challenged and to experience something new.

Discount plane tickets are not good enough reasons why.

You must be pulled by some indescribable force onto your journey.

This is your Calling in life for right now! and this is all that really matters. This is your hero’s journey and if you are honest with yourself, you’ll know where it is you have to go and/or what it is that you have to do.

“Follow your bliss and the universe will open doors for you where there were only walls.”

Joseph Campbell

Following your bliss and living it brings you full circle. It gives you that rich real-world experience of diving into the unknown and coming out the other end transformed. You get a new perspective on life and the gifts and stories you’ll tell your community will spread like wildfire, inspiring others of the new potentials and possibilities for life and growth.

Following your bliss is the first step, the second step is completing the journey and the third step to battling the social isolation dragons collectively is by shining your light and sharing your heroic story of transformation with the world.

I’ve experienced two profound forms of loneliness, once sailing solo on my ‘hero’s journey’ to The Whitsunday Islands and then again a few years later whilst starting a natural skin care company and being overwhelmed and confused by all the noise and competition in the culture and industry online. The healing happened in both instances when I passionately told my story to others who were about to embark on a similar quest.

Anecdotal evidence at best that your hero’s journey will keep back those shadows of loneliness online, but let’s be honest, if you’ve been addicted to the internet for a while and it’s causing you to feel isolated and lonely, then a good dose of solid hair-raising adventure (however you define that) is the best medicine for you.

Get out and #LiveYourBliss!

Writing an epic story based on your personal heros journey is the backbone to AMAZING marketing for your personal brand, start-up or any form of conscious business (which doesn’t rape and pillage the earth or it’s earthlings).

The final step is treating any remains of social isolation left within you is by attracting your tribe and offering your gifts and creations to the world. Yes, the internet has spawned this new unhealthy epidemic, but together with your Epic Hero Story, the whole world, virtual and physical, is your oyster.

But it won’t happen overnight or with a double tap or hashtag, but it will happen, that is why I’m here to help.

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