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How Heros Journey’s Cure The Social Isolation Epidemic

The biggest problem we face today individually is that technology is re-disrupting how we connect with the mythology of life and redefining how we socialize with fellow humans. The result, we have a Social Isolation Epidemic on our hands which leaves 1 in 4 of us lonely and with AI and a flood of technological […] Read more

Are Your Backyard Weeds An Anti-venom For Lyme’s Disease?

Having grown up on a medicinal herb farm has been such a blessing, maybe sometimes I take it for granted that plants are medicines. I forget that most of the world looks towards dr’s in white coats, and laboratories for medicine. I’m slowly generating a hypothesis that the most common naturally growing “weeds” could the […] Read more

The Perfect Release

One of my greatest observations so far, has been that Life turns into Death and Death Turns into Life, and Life turns into Death and Death turns into Life… It’s the pump of the universe, As above, so below, As within, also without, The inputs equals the outputs, So as far as the journey I’ve […] Read more

Drifting Lost At Sea, The Myth Of Social Media.

MySpace was for Beginners, Facebook is for Consumers, Instagram is for Observers, Twitter is for Doers..? “That’s A Myth of Social Media, Not The Myth!!” I hear you say. Obviously these are grotesque generalizations, but there is undoubtedly a fundamental difference in the use, form and function of these social mediums. I’ll try not to […] Read more

Farmers are Heroes

Farmers are now in one of two categories: Farmers Are Heroes – The Heroic traditional Organic/Bio-dynamic Farmer Or Farmers Are Anti-Heros (aka villains) – The ‘sell-out’ ignorant anti-hero farmer. Which one grows the food you eat? Is a question I employ you to ask of yourself. What do you eat? Where does it come from? […] Read more

3 Years as a Starving Indian Boy

Dream Diary Entry – 3 Years as a Starving Indian Boy. On the morning of August 2012, at our Currumbin Valley Cottage. I remember very few dreams so vividly as this one. I awoke as if any normal night, i rolled over to look at the time, and found that it was 2:00am exactly. having […] Read more


The Heros Journey Part Three – REFUSAL OF THE CALL. Here I’ll discuss about the 3 possible levels of each part of the heros journey. Overall – REFUSAL OF THE CALL. The individual feels the fear of the unknown and tries to turn away from the adventure, however briefly. Alternately, another character may express the uncertainty […] Read more


The Heros Journey Part Two – THE CALL TO ADVENTURE. Here I’ll discuss about the 3 possible levels of each part of the heros journey. Overall – Something shakes up the situation, either from external pressures or from something rising up from deep within, so the individual must face the beginnings of change. Level 1. Monthly […] Read more

Part One – The Ordinary World

The Heros Journey Part One – THE ORDINARY WORLD. I’ll talk about the 3 possible levels of each part of the heros journey. Overall – The individual is uneasy, uncomfortable and/or unaware. is introduced through curiosity to an idea or concept that he or she can identify with for leaving the safety of the Home situation. […] Read more