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Tino Beth Self Style A Heros JourneyHi, I’m Tino Beth an independent autodidact (self-taught) polymath (knows-much-about-many-things), 21th century visionary and founder of #SSHJ MyHerosJourney. Tino received 12 years of formal education at the Cape Byron Rudolf Steiner School, he then self-styled a Major Reset (My Reset Story) and begun his 10 year quest to answer timeless questions for himself, “What is the Meaning of Life?” & “How can I attain the highest forms of knowledge, understanding and wisdom available to mankind?”

After a 10 year journey of researching and searching for the truth, I thought I hit the jackpot, I thought I found what I was looking for, but I really needed to put what I had found to the test. So I self-styled another heros journey and risked everything by moving onto a 40yr old, 28ft yacht, 2778km away with ZERO sailing experience.

Today I help, guide and mentor individuals from all walks of life discover and recognize the Road Map of their journey and give them the HJ Tool-Belt that will see them overcome all obstacles on their path, So you can once again Be The Hero of your own life.

Tino has dedicated his life to the great journey ‘to-Know-thy-Self’, in a bid to know, understand and work within the modern technological environment. Tino finds meaning in his life by the deep level of caring for the foot prints we leave behind. He operates as a practical philosopher who looks to solve problems of energy conservation, optimization and advancing the human condition in the light direction.

Tino is the Founder of multiple websites and various enterprises and he has an adventurous entrepreneurial outlook for the future.

  • 2003 – Motor Vehicle incident. *Major Reset
  • 2003 – Graduated Year High School Certificate at the Cape Byron Rudolf Steiner School.
  • Tino, the Naturalist and bio-dynamic food advocate, he’s the is an inventor, educator and pioneer of the Circle of Life(TM) framework.
  • 2013 – Sea change, cruising on a yacht from South Australia, self-taught sailor, with an epic sailing adventure.
  • 2003 – 2013 – Returning from a 10 year hero’s journey, with the gifts of the goddess intact at MyHerosJourney.
  • Self Taught – Autodidactpolymath, Knowing much about many fields.

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