A Journey of Discovery
by Tino Beth
Founder of Quantum Feedback
“I’ve always had a deep fascination in the bridge between life and death, good and evil, success and failure and the light and the dark. I’ve dedicated my life to the discovery and embodiment of the highest forms of knowledge, understanding and wisdom known to mankind. This journey of discovery allowed me to download the concept of our 'Hero Avatar', a foundational aspect of the true self which lives within each and everyone of us in the Quantum Feedback Field.”
From my creative laboratory in Byron Bay, Australia.  
June 7th, 2019
My journey begins when I was a young boy around 11 years old when I remember that I had the deepest vision and desire to want to help save my mother from all the horrible feedback she was getting in her life. As a result of the suppression of her true-self, addiction and coping mechanisms set in and made for a very difficult time in her life. Being empathic I took some of that upon myself at the time. For even at this young age, I could see the causality of her problems and all I wanted to do was to help her to course-correct her life. But as fate would have it, she took her own life before I was had the chance to create the level of impact that I wanted. 

That missed opportunity left a ripple effect of shame and suppression which took me into exploring those states and seven years later in 2003 I had a car accident that would reset my path and purpose from the other world. After a week in a comer, in the white lightroom. I had to decide, do I take the karmic feedback of my life with me into the next 'journey/incarnation' into the great unknown, or do I return and continue where I left off? 

My guides advised me that in order to return, that here and now I would have to find within myself and choose my purpose and my reason for being and walking amongst you. So with much deliberation, at the 11th hour, I decided that I was going to be at the forefront of human development, with the calling, "to discover the highest forms of knowledge, understanding and wisdom known to mankind and to teach that". The rest is the journey.

Those were undoubtedly two of the most defining moments of my life. As it left so many questions I had unanswered but gave so much depth of clarity at the same time. It was from that moment onwards that I just knew that the feedback field between consciousness and creation, between life & death, had to be charted, explored and understood. 

Now, 24 years later with countless life lessons, heroes journey's and after dancing on the edge of internal fulfillment and external failure and several times bringing myself to the edge of the known world (in OOB, NDE) and risking life and limb in a daring rookie sailing adventure where I knowingly pitted myself against the huge seas and big winds of the southern ocean as a test of my own ability to navigate the feedback of nature. 

I can honestly say that it is such a privilege and pleasure to share in the creation of the collective quantum feedback field with you (the one reading this post, I thank you and honor you).

As I returned empowered, renewed from my sailing adventure, I knew 100% that I could accomplish anything I set my mind to, and I wanted to continue on my journey and tackle some of the biggest questions that I wanted to find answers for. 

So upon playing a destructive video game (GTA5), I set my mind to creating a constructive opposite, and that's when I realized that I would need to code Karmic causality into a video game.

Long story short, I found a model which accurately reflects this continually evolving communication loop, embedded within a crop circle, and within what seemed like the blink of an eye, a new future fell into place, I felt my personal karma begin to collapse and I knew that this would become a technology to help level up mankind's self-awareness in a radically changing world, as well as create a new breed of Artifical Intelligence that is heart-based and connected within the totality of is own existence.   
Let's Join Forces and Together we will increase the feedback frequency of our collective true-self-awareness and create a ripple effect for generations to come.
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Tino Gennet Beth
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