All About Tino Beth

I believe you have the ability to be much more than you think you can be.

I believe you have the power to not only tap into greatness but to open the floodgates to higher dimensions and states of being, by challenging yourself on the heros journey of life.

Tino Beth Self Style A Heros Journey

G’Day! I’m Tino Beth, Welcome, you’re in my world now! I’ll be your guide and mentor show you around this place like no other.

You see, I’ve been to the end of the road, I’ve been to the place where life and death meet, I’ve hit rock bottom and I’ve dug my way through the feeling & healing, and I’ve restarted, re-energized and re-invented my life & reality numerous times.

It all started in my last year of School and I was terrified of entering the world as a boozing teen, with no real mentors or myths to live by.
So, desperate I was to change my lot in life, I set about enacting an experiment on myself, a ‘Hard Reset’ as I called it, to send my journey on a new trajectory.

I smashed into the back of a parked semi-trailer! BANG!!!



Pause for maximum effect..


Yeah I did that shit, I admit that it was a pretty reckless thing to do.

Fuck! I nearly died from my experiment in personal transformation.

But picture this… waking in a pure white room of light in a bit of a daze and then receiving some kind of coaching and mentorship, helping me quantify the magnatude of my actions and finding myself wanting more out of life.

This is the vibe of the tutelage I received was Responsibility and Atonement for the effects of my actions and Autonomy to journey beyond that into the unknown.

After some time and as the proverbial train was coming into the station, I quickly had to make a choice.

I distinctly remember having to dig deeper at this junction and crossroads of my life, I had to call in my Higher-Self to help.

Do I…  go Forward (physically onto a new journey) but Backwards in my soul’s development, OR do I go Back into my body and ultimately go Forwards with greater clarity and commitment to becoming the one I originally came here to be?

That was a hard question to answer at the time because, as they say, the grass is always greener somewhere else.

But I had to be clear and precise about what I heard my purpose to be.

In other words, I had to really listen to my authentic calling, my biggest, deepest, passion and mission for this life and I had to trust myself, meet myself and hold space for myself in that very moment to be alive on earth today, writing this story.

That’s the spiritual re-admission fee to life, but it’s also a choice that you can make at any age, at any time, if you so choose.

You have a Choice.

At 18 years of age, I sensed an incomplete picture emotionally, mentally and spiritually, I knew school couldn’t provide the answers.

So, I set off into the unknown, to find the creative thread that I assumed geniuses, sages, and philosophers which I looked up to, may have once stumbled upon, thus enabling them to embody humbling and profound greatness into their lives.

So, I set myself the task of feeling out and discovering such a golden thread of truth which inevitably leads to such a life.

It all happened in 2003 and now 16 years later I freely share what I found for the betterment of humanity, and it’s so simple and obvious to me it’s all I can talk about..

That was my Origin Story.

Continue into my Core Story.

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