I've just returned from a 10 Year Quest...
Answering The CALL that Millions of people hear every-day...

in traffic, at work, in shopping malls,

"Isn't There More to LIFE Than the 9-to-5 Grind?"

 A Mini Heros Journey Called,
"Rookie Sailors" begun in 2012.
Basically, its been a Huge success, and most people say, "Your Living the Dream."

"I decided, to make my life an experiment, to find the path, to the Meaning of Life."

In 2003, I took dramatic action by making a 180-degree course correction.
My life at the time was Way-Out-of-Control,
So, I smashed it into a parked semitrailer, totaling my car, at 3o'clock in the morning and thought "If I Survive This... I get a another chance", That's what i call my self-styled Reset.

  • The Beginning of My Life Long Experiment - The Reset,

    Life, Death and ReBirth, untimate renewal and trancendence, where the old dies and the wisdom is recycled into the new, and the new becomes the old and the cycle repeats.

    "Nothing is ever just peaches and roses forever,"

    So During a Dark time in life, i experienced an aha moment of clarity, a self-styled order presented itself, where i discovered the light of the path, within my deepest darkness.
    I found myself being propelled in my car and thought if i could only reset the operating system of my mind, i would have the chance to start on the right foot and self-style my life to the way of discovering the path to the Meaning of Life...

  • Turns Out, The Typical Heros Path Ends In the Returning Home with a Bounty of Boon's to Bestow Upon Others, from The Goddess of Life Herself.
  • So, I brought all the Kinetic Energy of the motion of my car and life to an instant HALT... "In a sudden flash", rear-ending a semitrailer;
  • And it was there that I was greeted by my mother as my guide and all at once I got the vision of my path  and I experienced a week of downtime in the process of the reset. 
  • My Life's Work has been to bring together all the material, teachings and technology that when combined form a road map for others to follow.  Come fly with me on the spirit of adventure.

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10 Years in the Making, A Hero's Journey.
The Tool Kit to Put Enlightenment Together in Your Life.
  • Monomyth - Heros Journey  - The Transformation from feeling stuck, confused, uninspired and unsure INTO Being Clear, with the Juice of Life flowing freely. It's Your Self Guided Mission to complete the revolution, transformation and return Home. This is the Hammer of Purpose and Meaning.  For Purposefully driving nails in, and selectively removing crooked nails out. Click here to learn more >>
  • Liberal Arts - Don’t have to paint to be artistic, The Art of Learning is the foundation of a life of fulfillment. Discover the knowledge, understanding and wisdom to navigate our current modern envionment, effectively with maximum safely and efficiency.
    Basically it's the Who?, What?, Where?, When?, Why? and How? in that order about ANYTHING you can Imagine. Click here to learn more >>
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A Heros Journey:
What To Love About Life..

  • Beginning At Home in the Comforts and Safety of The Known.
    • You are Called to Adventure -- Sometimes this can be not of your own Doing... Sometimes it can, Like when I was Called to The Adventure offered by Going to Sea, to set sail for a new horizon, That was the Call. To Sail one quarter way around Australia. Powered by the Dangerous allure of the Wind, Water and Weather. The
    • Only Risk is in the Unknown.
    • Supernatural Aid -- I know something and what you know you cant explain it: The voice inside that says im going to do it anyway.
    • Threshold Guardians  -- Self Installed Protective Mechanisms that you can apply to your life to limit being lead down unwanted predatory herosjourney's    : myHerosJourney Juice is the Perfect Elixir to Protect you Through Life.
    • Through The Threshold -- The Outer Limits of Your Known World: Pass Through the Threshold and You Step into the Unknown, with Only One Way Forward. 
  • Your Heros Journey Begins by Stepping into the Unknown - 
    • A Road of Trials Awaits You
      Helpers and Mentors Waiting to Greet You Along the Way.
      The Great Abyss of Satisfaction and Despair.
      Gift of the Goddess
      The Return Threshold
      Return Home with a Bounty of Gifts to Bestow to the World.
My Rookie Sailor Heros Journey -

CHALLENGE: How to Arrive & Get a One Way Ticket 2hrs South of Adelaide to Arrive on My Yacht with a Small Larder of Food and Belongings? Help Arrives and The East Coast Car Rental Manager Dropped His Day-off work, To Drop me Off into the Belly of the Whale... and he even got his hands dirty with scrubbing the deck and boat maintenance."

"Whilst on the Right Path, the Unknown knows your Needs and Challenges and waits for you to Greet the Unknown with Open Arms, before it will Stand and Deliver its complete Support to You, this Represents your willingness to undergo a metamorphosis "

HELPER: Bruce the Almighty

HAVING NEVER SAILED BEFORE, and after only inspecting 2 other yachts, totaling 2 hours aboard. I NOW Owned and Lived on a Yacht. Boating Mentors Can Be found All Around, There is something about the Sea, it Terrifies and Electrifies the Soul of Man/Woman. The Act of embarking upon a voyage at Sea, is in itself Rich with Risk, Meaning and Mythology"

MENTOR: CAPT. Pete and His 3 Wise Men of the Sea - Groomed Me For What Was To Come.

Every heros journey is broken up into individual Passages, like crossing an ocean or navigating around an Island, we are making a Right Passage otherwise known as a rite of passage. My Brother Marly was my Helper in Completing These Passages, and I His Mentor."

Marly the 'Pharlap' of the Beth Family

Who's Your Hero ?
Chances are, there is someone real or fictional that inspires you to live a better life...
My mission with my site is to bring you the best free content that I’ve been blessed to learn and be educated in. I want to share the tools and knowledge about learning and moving in the light direction.
I’ve been building a wonderful life, and I want to use my expertise to share it with the world. 
I'm here to support you to break through the threshold on your own heroes journey.
So, hit me up if your filled with passion and taking steps in the light direction?
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